Oscars Project: the rules

I’ve committed to watching, and writing about every ‘Best Picture’ winner from the Oscars, beginning with Wings from 1928 and ending with the hundredth winner, in 2027. Since I’m starting in 2023, I’d anticipate catching up in 2025 or so.

There are rules. The rules are these:

  1. I’ll watch them all in chronological order
  2. I’ll watch them on the best format available to me
  3. If it happens I can see one in the cinema, and it’s not too far out of sequence (within 3 Awards years), I’m allowed to deviate from chronological order
  4. I will do my best to source every single winner, and will only skip a film if it turns out to be unavailable anywhere (I had to do that once with a previous project)
  5. I will do no research before viewing, to keep the experience as pure and personal as I can
  6. If I have already seen a winner, and know I don’t like it much, I’ll still have to watch it
  7. Similarly if I’ve spent my whole life avoiding a particular winning film (looking at you The Sound of Music) I still have to watch it
  8. I’ll have a small cake while watching each film – mostly from https://www.instagram.com/karenblaircakes
  9. My watching partner and I will go out for a walk after each film to discuss it
  10. I will write up to 500 words about every film within a week of seeing it, and I’ll post them here

That’s it.